Sunday, March 28, 2010

Women Are Like Hand Grenades, by Happy Ghost


Happy Ghost was a regular on DGM 2.0. Since DGM was discontinued, he's become a member of the new, MGTOW forum. It was on there that HG posted THIS beauty...


I attended my pal's kid's birthday party today. One of my pal's friends was there, and he has a new girl. They mentioned to this chick that I'm a ghost... didn't use the word, but described the idea. She immediately started questioning me... why?

I mentioned that marriage is a bad risk. She trotted out the "not all girls are like that" line, which I nicely handled with the hand grenade analogy (here's a box of hand grenades, choose one you think is a dud, then hold it and pull the pin and see if you were right or not). There's no way to know WHAT kind of girl you have until you're committed and it's too late to avoid being destroyed. Therefore, there can be women who are "not like that", but unfortunately it's irrelevant. Not all hand grenades are "like that" (meaning they explode), and there ARE duds... but because the duds can look just like the live ones, you'd have to be crazy to pick one and commit to finding out.

She rolled her eyes and basically said that if you don't know the girl by THEN (marriage time), then you're clueless. I replied that women can be master actresses, and you can only get to know the "real them" if they allow you to see it before the wedding, which many do not. And girls acting good look identical, in all respects, to girls who are REALLY good. So, there's just no way to know until it's too late.

I then explained that Marriage 2.0 is far different from Marriage 1.0 (and yes, I did use the numbers, maybe their usage will spread), and that in Marriage 2.0, the woman holds almost all the cards, and the guy holds almost none.

She immediately trotted out the "bitter" shaming tactic, but she did it subtly. "Were you married before?" I said no. "Were you in a relationship that went bad?" I again said no. "Then how do you know all this?" I smiled and said, "By observing all my male friends suffering and being destroyed because of this, and by reading all the changes in marriage and divorce laws over the last 40 years, straight out of the law books, and by watching precedent be set in courtrooms. I learned by observing, instead of by personal experience, thank god."

Silence. "They're not all like that" was blown out of the water. So was "you're just bitter". She had nothing much left in her arsenal.

Then she inquired how long I've been like this, and indicated that surely it's not a sustainable choice. Then my friends told her how long it's been since I dated or had a relationship... which is many, many years now. I grinned right at her, smoking a big cigar, drinking a microbrew, and looking happy as hell with myself and my life. Not sustainable, my ass, dearie.

This seemed to really freak her out. She mentioned how she had a female friend who couldn't find a good man, and complained about it all the time... a single mother! I stayed quiet on that one (didn't want to get too confrontational, after all).

What really seemed to spook her is that her boyfriend was sitting right next to her when I said all this, absorbing this unique perspective of mine (he already knew about me, but she probably didn't know he knew). I'm sure she wasn't too happy with me speaking such ideas with him sitting there, because I'll bet she's going to try to get his head in the marriage noose soon.

That was fun. She asked if I'd ever consider dating and getting married, and I told her that if the social and legal systems reverted to how they used to be in the 1950's and before, when a man had a fair chance at a good marriage and the laws were much more equal, only then would I consider it. Returning to the hand grenade analogy, I said that back then, unwittingly choosing a live one that looked like a dud might've gotten you a badly bruised hand, but today, it destroys you. I then said that I was quite sure that fairness would never be restored in my lifetime, therefore I will simply not participate, and many other men won't, either.

She didn't have a lot to say after that. It was pretty beautiful.

If more of them hear this, while their girlfriends (and perhaps they themselves) are whining about not being able to find a man, perhaps they'll put two and two together.


That's a good analogy, isn't it? A live hand grenade and a dud look exactly alike one another, but you cannot differentiate them without doing damage to yourself. Women are the same way; the bad ones look the same as the good ones do, act like they do, talk like they do, etc. From where we men sit, how can we tell them apart? Well, that's easy; since 99.999999% of the women out there are feminazi skanks, one can operate under the assumption that ALL women are bad, and he'll probably be right! The few women who aren't like that got snapped up years ago, so it's pointless to look for one. Until next time...



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  2. One thing I would add or change is that I don't that many women really are "master actresses," nor that the implication of that comment, that women cynically and machiavellianly pretend to be something their not until the ring is on their finger, the kids are born, or the alimony time period has run, and then reveal their "true selves," is accurate.

    I think, much more often, that women are simply fickle. That playful, loving, sexy woman you knew as a GF and fiancee was the real her AT THE TIME. Buuutt, once she is married, her mood, her hormones, her emotions, whatever it is, changes. Women bore easily. Women thrive on emotional drama and trauma. They love intrigue and passion. Sex with your husband offers none of this. Nor does quiet, mature love with your husband. That is one part of it.

    The other part of it is that the legal and social reality means that she can, at any time, just to decide to dump her husband, and get rid of him painlessly (for her), whle keeping her access to his money. She says she wants a divorce. And, even though it's her call, and there has been no abuse, adultery or addiction, the husband leaves the marital residence. Either by choice, out of chivalry, or, quickly enough, because a "temporaray" court order says so. That "temporary" order will become permanent, no matter what. So he is the one who must find a new home, lease or buy, equip and furnish it, get the utilities hooked up and so forth. She will get not only keep the house, but everything in it too. She needs to buy nothing. He gets his clothes, a few personal effects, and the shittier of the two cars, if there are two (she gets the sole car if there is only one). Later on, she will get alimony, CS, a property "settlement," a piece of his retirment plan, attorneys' fees, health insurance on his nickel, and whatever else they can dream up. And she faces no social stigma whatsoever for doing all of this without any reason other than her own whims and caprice.

    Secondly, rather than the hand grenade-dud analogy, I would say it's more like handing someone a loaded gun, and, somehow, giving her legal and social immunity to use it to shoot you with whenever they feel like it. It could be today, it could be tomorrow. It could be a year, five years, a decade, or more from now. It could, conceivably, be never. But you don't know that. You try to find the woman you think least likely to ever shoot you, but how can you ever be sure that you have chosen correctly?

    All people change over time, but women more than men. And the law and society allow them to, metaphorically, shoot their husbands and get away with it, at any time, if they decide that they feel like it.

  3. When marriage is out of the question, and relationships are often ended fairly quickly as women want to move down that path rapidly, the real trick is to be a happy single person in a world geared towards couples. The key is to not be jealous of those dudes with pretty girlfriends pretending to have the perfect lives. Realize that these guys lives are about to be turned upside down while you keep your money and your life the way you want it. That should be enough satisfaction.

  4. Great Article......

    Try this one :

    Reduce the female problem to the simplest form possible.

    What is the main difference between men and women ?

    Women can have children, men cannot.

    So we could say that “women are closer to children than men”.

    Ah, but this formula could be interpreted in many ways.

    Let’s test and see how far we can extend the formula.

    Children :

    Like to sit on your knee, be kissed, hugged and to hold hands.

    Like to dress up and paint their faces.

    Always want to have their bag of favorite toys wherever they go.

    Become easily distressed and can be hard to rationalize with.

    Are prone to tantrums, mood swings and can be difficult for no reason.

    Run on many “immature” emotions.

    Need constant attention and can be very demanding

    Can be spiteful, selfish, aggressive, moody, closed off, bullying, possessive, antisocial, insecure.

    Can be overly trusting, too forward, overly happy and outgoing.

    Make friends forever and then just as quickly have a spat with them.

    Need someone to support them and to pay for everything for them.

    Easily become spoiled, developing very high expectations if they are given too much.

    Don’t want to eat anything or eat way too much.

    Love to change their shoes and clothes often.

    Need to wear nappies / sanitary towels.

    Need to be accompanied to the bathroom, usually by a woman.

    Love and even expect to receive many gifts.

    Are prone to emotional trauma and breakdown, if exposed to confrontation, even if that confrontation is simply trying to explain basic realities of life.

    Have a favorite color and want everything color co-ordinated to the point of outright inconvenience.

    Have crushes on movie stars / popstars.

    Develop illogical emotional attachments to possessions, people and pets that simply lead to disappointment later on.

    Live in a fantasy world, where they fully believe in princes and princesses and happily ever after.

    Think that people around them should cater to their every whim.

    Like to sleep a lot.

    Like to play in or around the swimming pool.

    Need to bathe or shower regularly.

    Are more worried about “what they want to do with their life / career” than the hard reality of earning money and making life comfortable.

    Hmm….the list goes on and on….

    More interestingly until 1975 in Spain a woman was legally treated as a minor and was either ward of her father until marriage or her husband after marriage. She was not allowed to work or own property without the male guardian’s permission.

    NOW : any man can understand what he is taking on, when he gets married to a woman. Even the most mature career minded woman is prone to be closer to a child once she has a man to take care of her, after all she’s probably thinking about children to some degree when she gets married, so it’s only to be expected she becomes closer to a child.

  5. All good points in the above threads! Even though some husbands can remain somewhat contented with their lot, wait until the dreadful MEN-O-PAUSE when the "wommym" start hating you or lose all feeling towards you and want to fulfil themselves without you anymore and yet find all other men to be fascinating except for you. As soon as you are walking on eggshells to avoid their emotional drama need, give up and start a plan to get your single life back - away from all females - FOREVER. You may be totally happy again living by yourself and for only your self.

    The Hermit