Sunday, January 30, 2011

Outlaw2747's Thoughts on Dating


I was just rereading a thread on Mancoat, and it was about ending dating bitterness. This fine post was by Outlaw2747. Armageddon15 nominated it for post of the year-it's THAT good! I decided to give it a wider audience. There is much truth in Outlaw2747's words; I found them to be uplifting, edifying, enlightening, etc., and I hope you do too...


I say don't do anything (or at the most very little) for women. If you desire them so, let them come to you. Sometimes you have to be selfish to get things to go your way in life. No one on this damn earth will take of you better than you. I'll show you what I mean, the common denominator is quite simple:

-Get a new car because YOU like it, not because it'll attract a female.

-Get a new outfit because you feel you'll look good in it, not to attract some female.

-Get a decent job because you want to live a decent life, not to get some female's attention.

-Be good at dancing because it is fun, not to attract a female.

-Listen to what you want to listen to because it sounds good, not because it'll be an icebreaker for a female.

-Read whatever you want to read because YOU enjoy it, not to impress a female.

-Work out because you want to live a longer and healthier life, not to get females to touch your body.

-Own a dog because you love it and it is a great companion, not to have more females come up to you.

-Learn to fight because you want to defend yourself, not to show a female how bad ass you are.


Be yourself. Why kill yourself to impress some female that will not accept you for you? You have worked so hard to become what you are now, why throw that away for the promises of a potential piece of ass or to hopefully get a good girl out of a wench? Make changes in your life because it is healthy for your welfare. Stop smoking because it is nasty. Stop eating junk because it'll make you fat. Stop or slow down drinking so you won't wind up on the 6 o'clock news in a body bag. Don't do it to make a female like you.

That is the problem with this country, all this focus on grabbing a female and little focus on grabbing a good life. Sure, once in a while and step into the waters to see what female life is out there and pursue what you find interesting (only because you WANT to and not because you NEED to). Whether it be for a friend, girlfriend, or marriage (I personally do not recommend that however, especially in the USA.). But always remember this, your home, money, personal will, and even the dog will always be there if you keep up with them, a female will come and go. Don't make large expectations when it comes to a date so when the disappointment hits, it isn't so bad.

But for those who do not wish to date or do little of it, take it from me... THERE IS NO SHAME IN BEING SINGLE OR CELIBATE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Getting Poon, by BEM


I have some BRILLIANT commenters here @ MarkyMark's Thoughts on Various Issues; I'm humbled when they share their thoughts, given their depth of wisdom, experience, and knowledge.  The following comment was made in response to the OCS classic I posted recently: My Take on All Women Aren't Like That.  You'll see why when you read BEM's thoughts on the cost/benefit analysis of poon.  This is good stuff!  Enjoy...


Since the issue of game has been raised, I would like to chime in. I have, in my time, practiced game and gotten my share of poontang, for whatever it's worth - and let me tell you, as someone who is nearing forty, and who's shagged dozens of women, that the costs of pussy FAR outweigh the benefits.

Don't believe me? Consider the case of Ben Roethlisberger, a multi-millionaire athlete and two-time Super Bowl champion, a man at whom most women would hurl themselves in a heartbeat. The word just came out that Big Ben will not be charged with sexual assault for the incident that occurred in Georgia last month. Sources say that the alleged victim made inconsistent statements in her testimony, and had a high blood alcohol content on the night of the incident.

This is all unsurprising to me, as well as to many readers of MM's blog, but consider this: What if Roethlisberger was NOT a wealthy man who could counter the shenanigans of law enforcement officials with a crack investigative team of his own? In other words, what if he was like you or me? His life would be in ruins, that's what.

I've been where the game-players like illness are, cocky as shit, thinking they've got the world by the tail, that nothing bad will happen to them as they chase tail, night after night. Well, as a retired game-player, I can look back on my pussy-chasing days and realize that for the most part, in regards to any ramifications from my actions, I was lucky more than I was good.

The same goes for the other game-players out there. Guys, you can be as damn well arrogant as you like, but right now you're beating the law of averages, that's all. Maybe you'll be lucky like me and continue to stay a few steps ahead of disaster - but then again, maybe you won't. I advise you to pause, and consider my words.

One can only beat the laws of averages and probability for so long.  To put it another way, sooner or later, your luck WILL run out, Fellas...

After all, it only takes ONE woman to "regret" being with you ONE time to turn your life into a never-ending FUBAR nightmare.



As I said, that was GREAT!  It's a warning to all you PUA studs out there; sooner or later, your luck will run out, and you best remember that.  Until next time...