Friday, April 2, 2010

My Take on All Women Aren't Like That, by Outcastsuperstar


When Outcastsuperstar had his blog, he wrote a piece that I've long wanted to run on here.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to do so, he'd already deleted his blog.  Thankfully, he saved this most powerful piece of writing, and he posted it on Happy Bachelors.  I've taken the liberty to copy & paste a post for the ages.  Enjoy, Fellas...


I wrote this back in 2008 and it's probably one of the best pieces I have ever written


I have heard the arguments on both sides, one from people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are back stabbing bitches and I heard from many others that there are indeed good women out there and NOT all women are like this. I see a much bigger picture rather than proving all women are like this or aren’t like this.

I’m going to breakdown four possible scenarios which can happen and analyze the type of life a man can live under each scenario.

Scenario #1 you believe people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. Indeed Christopher in Oregon is right.

Scenario #2 you believe people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. However, Christopher in Oregon is wrong with his assessment that all women will betray you.

Scenario #3 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. Indeed you are right that you found a winner.

Scenario #4 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. However, that special person turned into a witch and will make your life a living hell.

Under scenario #1 you believe all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. You are indeed right.

Well as a result of not getting taken to the cleaners or having to support anyone but yourself, you can find the right balance between work and life. In other words you won’t have to work yourself in an early grave.

Not only that but you will have more discretionary income by staying single.

You can take yourself to ball games all the time.

You can take yourself to the best restaurants while being served by liberated waitresses.

You can engage in fun hobbies all the time. Examples would be hikes, golfing, playing video games, playing pool, going bowling, going to the gym etc.

Eventually, you can take yourself on Bachelor Vacations, or buy yourself expensive toys like Harley Davidson’s etc.

So in other words when it’s all said and done your going to have life full of luxuries and less stress by avoiding American Women and focusing on fun Bachelor Hobbies and taking fun Bachelor vacations.

Under scenario #2 you believe all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. However, you are wrong and there are indeed women who are loyal and won’t betray you.

The life a man can have can be read under scenario #1. The result is there are no consequences for being wrong and you can afford to be wrong here and still live a quality bachelor life.

Under scenario #3 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. You are indeed right and you found a winner.

In terms of being married you lucked out that the woman you married decided not to cash out on you but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be a happy marriage.

For starters you will be working yourself into an early grave. Meaning you will have to be working long hours for year after year until you fall over dead.

This means you will have no time for fun hobbies or have any money to finance them. This is because you will working for the rest of your life to pay the Mortgage, pay for all the family vehicles, pay for all of the children’s expenses which will include college in many cases, as well as paying for wife’s shopping sprees which she will be entitled to since she is the mother of your children. Also, there will be many doses of constant nagging where you won’t be able to enjoy any peace and quiet time to yourself.

In the end if all goes well on your death bed you’re grown up children may tell you that they love you as well as your wife. This doesn’t change the fact you had to slave away year after year in order to keep things a float and you will have a very difficult time planning for retirement. At least you lucked out that your girl wasn’t like that and you didn’t have to go through the Feminazi Court System.

Scenario # 4 you believe NOT all women are like this, my girl is different and will get married to this special person. However, you were wrong and that special person after marriage turned into a witch who will make your life a living well and will see to it that she is going to get here ‘due’ through the Feminazi Court System.

Ouch! This is going to hurt! It’s because of this scenario why I tell my readers there better off jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge than signing a Marriage Contract.

You can expect to get hit with a false domestic violence abuse charge, which means you will get arrested and you will be kicked out of your own home. You will have to pay for your attorney fees and her attorney fees for a divorce you never initiated in the first place. You will have to pay a high amount of Alimony and Child Support payments. You will lose your house but will have to keep paying the mortgage payments. Your ex-wife will manipulate your children where you are seen as the villain and will hate you. Also there is something called imputed income. A judge bases the percentage of child support payments and alimony payments based on ‘potential earnings’, NOT how much you actually make. Many times you will owe more money than you actually make! If you fail to make the payments your licenses will get revoked and you will get thrown in jail.

Do I agree with Christopher in Oregon’s analysis that every single woman in the planet will cash out on her husband if given the opportunity? The answer is NO! I have a mother who grew up in the pre-feminist era who is a wonderful traditional lady, also I have two extremely religious older sisters who believed sex before marriage is a deadly sin and divorce is very bad. Do I recommend that it worth taking a shot at scenario #3 just because every single woman in the planet is not like that? The answer is a big fucking NO! Even if all women aren’t like this, you will have a hard time determining between a good woman and a witch until it’s too late. This is because when a witch is on the prowl she is going to act like a very sweet woman who would never consider betraying you. It’s not until after you got married whether you know you got yourself a good woman or a witch. Because once a witch knows she got you by the balls her true colors will come out but by then it’s too late. When a woman argues that we're not all like this, as of today she may be right. However, the key word is TODAY. That doesn’t mean 5-7 years later she will be a virtuous woman. Women do change and it’s not for the better especially when they know they will get a big divorce settlement if the marriage doesn’t go the way she wants it to go.

My view is a man would have to be clinically insane to get married in the United States or in the Anglo sphere. The fact is since radical feminism has taken hold the vast majority of women aren’t suited for marriage and no longer have the qualities which would be desirable for men, all they have to offer is sex and that is no longer appealing once they start aging (Mid 20’s and beyond). Now there have been multiple news articles which states 60% of American/Western wives have sex with men who are NOT their husbands. It’s very rare for modern women these days to provide their husbands with home cooked meals and keeping a clean house. The divorce rate is well over 50% with 70% being initiated by women. In my home state California the divorce rate is between 70-80%.

If a man is scarred about living alone and is in need of a loyal companion, he should go adopt a dog. It’s not by accident that dogs are called a man’s best friend.

Having analyzed all four possible scenarios I have concluded that scenarios 1&2 are much better than 3&4. Given the times we are living in today although I personally may not agree with Christopher in Oregon’s thesis that all women are like this, however I have no choice but to assume that all women are indeed like the way Christopher in Oregon describes them to be. Now is it fair to assume Christopher’s thesis is the correct one while deep down knowing it could be wrong? The answer is NO! Just like it’s not fair good hard working get treated like shit by 21 century modern day American Women, a man can get booted from his home on false allegations or get booted because his wife filed for no fault divorce, have to pay alimony, child support, his and her attorney fees on a divorce he never initiated, and have his children taken away from him with the children’s mother training his children that he is the villain and she is the victim. As a result, even if Christopher’s thesis is proven wrong a man can still live a quality bachelor life (scenario #2) where there are no consequences for being wrong with this assessment. Even if all women aren’t like this and a man believes his girl is different (scenario #3), he will still be working himself into an early grave. However, if he is wrong and his girl was indeed like the majority of the 21 Century Modern Day American Women, he will end up in scenario #4 where life as he knows it will be over. There will be no second chances for being wrong, you are finished! As radical as Christopher’s thesis may seem, at least if a man believes Christopher's thesis he won’t ever have to live life under scenario #4. As men get older many will realize scenario #2 is better than scenario #3.

It’s pointless to argue this with Women because they don’t seem to get it (at least they pretend not to get it). They think all they have to do is argue all women aren’t like this and men will still get married but they are missing the bigger picture. Many of us bachelors are perfectly content with letting women declare victory while they now have to support themselves where they too will get to see what it’s like working themselves into an early grave. At the same time we bachelors won’t have to work as many hours long term since we won’t have to support a family or financially support a divorce. We understand it’s much more economical not to marry, but rather indulge in fun hobbies take bachelor vacations and don’t have to put up with any more bullshit with women where we can enjoy our peace.


OS is a wise, young man.  The Force is STRONG with that one!  His approach has been mine too; I dare say that it's the approach of a number of men.  While we know that there are decent women out there, the safe & prudent course of action is to assume that they're all like Christopher in Oregon says they are; the safe course is to assume that a woman is your enemy until proven otherwise, and to govern one's self accordingly.  Have a good night now...



  1. I respect your valid points but I don't entirely agree with them. Nice post though.

  2. As a divorced man who pays a butt-load in alimony (NOT Child Support), I can tell you that being single is wealth of a different sort.

    Sure, I can lament my paycheck being severely diminished. Yes, I can complain about the lack of opportunity to take bachelor vacations, or buy a new bike, or even my inability to hook up with anyone else. But to my mind, I have already beaten the cartel at their own game. I am free. I am unafraid of the future. I am unconcerned about what I must do to keep wifey happy while she doesn't give a fig about what will make me smile for a moment or two.

    Loneliness is a state of mind, and like all other things that would demoralize someone, the only power it has to do so is the power I give it.

    As a free man, I can dream of the furtherance of my emancipation. And, if that day never comes, I will still have had those dreams. I wouldn't even have those if I had remained married.

    Women may not all be "like that", whatever that means. It is enough that there is no way of telling if they are or not, and taking time to get to know someone better will not obscure one's vision any less. The point is, even if they are not "like that", they have every legal and societal means at their disposal to become "like that" whenever the mood suits them. All it takes is one powerful and evocative episode of Orca Whinfrey, and the inner Medusa comes to the fore; all it takes is some psycho-babble new agey book peddled by a literary prostitute, and you will see remarkable transformation.

    Free yourselves, gentlemen, if you are currently yoked.

    If not, do not consider undertaking that burden, because it will kill every hope, dream, and ounce of life force you possess.

    Begin by freeing your minds. Remove the cloak of obfuscation and shame that others would have you wear. There is no such thing as a small and inconsequential life, unless you yourself believe it.


  3. The one great (and admittedly very overoptimistic) hope I have is that all men in the West will read OutcastSuperstar's post, take it to heart and never marry any Western women. Or have anything to do with them.

    If withdrawal of labor and services helps unions bring employers to heel, there's no reason why a similar tactic can't be employed
    by men to bring women to heel, too. Withdraw your money, your labor, your services, all your efforts, men, and you'll be amazed at the results.

    When women in the West see that the supply of men has dried up, and that they can't even get dates, never mind get marriage partners, no matter what they do, and that their money supply has dried up as well, maybe then they will smarten up, disavow feminism, and start flying right.

    But by then, it will be too late, because men will have moved on and found foreign wives and girlfriends. In their wake, the West will collapse, and the women left behind will find themselves living in a Muslim theocracy.