Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Be A Zero Tolerance Man, by ZTM


I was over @ ZTM's blog when I came across this. I thought it would be an excellent addition to the MGTOW Survival Guide...


What are the rules for being a “zero tolerance man” ?
What must you do to live the zero tolerance lifestyle?
Here are the rules and they should improve your life as a man dramatically:
* Do not even consider the possibility of marriage to any women. No marriage, period. The chances are good that it won’t work out and you will lose money in the process. Women only view men as human ATMs and sperm donors. They just want your money and will leave you as soon as the money is gone!. NO MARRIAGE.
* Put your own needs and desires first. Do not let anyone get you off the track of your own goals. Women are dream killers and time wasters. The most you should do with women is fuck them and then dump them when you are done. Be very careful to use DOUBLE birth control. When these women cannot prove they are using something, I stick an Encare Oval spermicide deep into her pussy and use a condom too. If she get’s pregnant, it could possibly ruin your life. Kids are a nightmare and a huge expense. No pregnancies.
* The most you should ever pay for is a drink or 2 to get her drunk enough to screw. Do NOT pay for dinners, concerts, travel, or movies. You should only be spending time with women if you are screwing them or preparing them with alcohol for sex. Otherwise, you should not be with them at all.
* Do NOT give women any attention in public. Ignore them like they don’t exist in the supermarket, gym, etc. Do not look at them at all. Otherwise, you will be feeding the ego of these attention whores. Don’t give these cunts what they want. No eye contact!!!! Walk past them like the are garbage on the ground. If they speak to you do not answer in any more than 1 word answers. Walk away as quickly as possible.
* Live alone. Never share your living space with women. You will be sorry if you do. this applies to roommates as well as “romantic” relationships
* Pursue hobbies, sports, and work on self improvement. Make physical and emotional health your top priority. Women will tear your health down by making you work to death to pay for their crap. So, don’t do it!
* Do not buy a car or clothes to attract women. It will only attract high maintenance bitches. Buy and drive the car you like.
* Remember that women are a disposable commodity no matter where they are from. Use them, dump them, and then get a hotter one each time. Rebuke “relationships” or girlfriends. Avoid single mothers completely. They are the absolute bottom of the barrel. Many of these bitches will try to trap you for child support. A woman has nothing to offer except that ugly smelly stinkhole that we call her cunt. She has nothing else to offer. Stupid guys are fooled into believing they have to buy it to use it.
* Focus on your career and making money. Try to become financially independent so you don’t ever have to take any shit from anyone. Consider living abroad for periods of time and fuck as many hot women as you can. Try scuba diving and just enjoy your life. Lots of material possessions just weigh your life down. Don’t buy more than you need.
I hope these life rules will help all the men who read this blog to have a great life!


That was good stuff, a worthy addition to the MGTOW Survival Guide...



  1. Oh, seriously, plying a woman with alcohol means there is no consent. Bad idea. Makes sure she's over 21 if you're feeding her drinks. Really bad advice. Could get you in jail. Don't be so stupid.

  2. Dang, excellent advice. Nice post.

  3. I have to agree with the bit about never sharing your living space with a woman. The freedom is incredible. I've felt this many times after a date or spending time with the ex-girlfriend. Coming back to my condo, the quiet, the peace, putting on a movie only guys like. The personal space is important to guys and they don't get it with women living in the same space.

  4. hahaha! Thanks! these apply equally to men!

  5. I'm a Christian and as a Christian the thing to do is get married. As a Christian I don't mind saying FUCK THAT! Just because a woman is also a Christian doesn't change the fact that:
    a. She has a major sense of entitlement
    b. She believes that a man is for providing
    c. There are no laws that deny Christian women from taking your shit in a divorce

  6. Women are for sex and slapping.

  7. I would avoid dating women also due to the possibility of false rape or false domestic violence accusations. There are lots of distractions for men these days; books and movies, time with friends, walking, working on investments etc. With women I find a lot of drama , tension and misery and it simply is not worth it, at least for me.

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