Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Psycho...


Here's an INDISPENSABLE tool for any MGHOW: discerning psycho women.  Here's a video to help figure out if your GF is a psycho bitch...


  1. The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout Ph.D.

  2. How can you tell?

    I doubt that the psychotic break lurking just under the surface is all that subtle. It usually emerges during the first date, in the form of her talking incessantly about what a louse and a weasel her ex is, or how her kids are absolutely brilliant despite pulling steady C averages, or how special and smart her her dog is.

    If date number two should ever happen (which begs the question whether or not you are a bit psycho yourself) you will see her go from affectionate and charming to seething and spitting venom at the least little distraction; an incoming phone call from one of her little brat-lings, or even worse, your phone ringing with a call from...anybody, really.

    If everything you say is just plain wrong, she's a psycho.

    If she baits you into anger and then tries to pacify you with promises of sex, she's a psycho.

    If you turn her down and she turns purple with rage that you declined the huge favor she was doing you, she's a psycho.

    If you accept her offer, and then she accuses you of "only wanting one thing", she's a psycho.

    If she believes in Astrology, even a little, she's a psycho.

    If she claims spirituality, but cannot explain what that means to her, she's a psycho.

    If the comprehensive fount of her knowledge is fed by the well-spring of such notable luminaries as Dr Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Oprah, Dr. Kevorkian, or Dr. Mengele, she's a psycho

    If she has two operative brain cells merrily slow-dancing their way into pop culture oblivion, she's a psycho.

    If she's breathing, she's a psycho.
    If she has a pulse, she's a psycho.

    Do you know one or two or eighty such women?

    Rest assured, each and every one is a psycho.

  3. *grin*

    I dodged two bullets like that. One was playing too hard to catch... she wasn't very hot... it was in her interest to entrap me... stuff wasn't adding up...

    The other was someone that had a tattoo just above her ass. She was hot, to be honest. I asked her on Skype (I haven't met her in person yet) to show it to me and in front of her younger sister and her grandma in the same room... she did... that was a HUGE red-flag. Honestly, it wasn't so much the fact that she had one, it was that she so quickly showed it to me...

    Oh well. Whatever.