Friday, February 26, 2010

Men Foolish Enough to Marry in the USA Deserve What They Get


I made this post on my original blog, MarkyMarks Thoughts on Various Issues, back in August of 2007.  I thought it would be good material for the MGTOW Survival Guide, so here it is...


On the Mancoat forum, we recently had a poll as to whether or not men deserve their fate should they marry in the USA, or anywhere else in the Anglosphere. My answer was yes, and I shall give my reasons in the following paragraphs.

I voted option #2, leaning more to a 'yes' than a 'no'. Why? Because, despite all the brainwashing and stuff, the evidence is out there; though it may not be easy to see, it is out there. While one may be a victim of brainwashing, one doesn't have to REMAIN a victim of brainwashing-duh! There is the option of checking things out for yourself, rather than accepting things at face value. So, what evidence is there that marriage is a shit deal for men? What evidence is there to the contrary would be a better question to ask!

Exhibit A is the new Verizon radio commercial; I am so SICK & TIRED of it already! The commercial opens up with some black skank upbraiding her husband for buying some electronic device. Hubby tries to placate her, saying, 'baby', and she says, "Don't you baby me!" You then hear a noise which sounds like a slamming door (evidently him being refused entry into HIS house!), while he says, "It's VIOS!" Right there, in that commercial, you have the archetype for modern marriage. How many other commercials show the wife busting her husband's balls, hmmm? If we had a dollar for every one of them, we could all retire to Mexico, and bang hot Latina babes in between surf sessions-yes! Sorry, I digress...

Exhibit B are the married men EVERY single guy knows. He sees their beaten down, tired look; he hears their tales of woe; he knows what life they live. He's seen & heard enough married men in his life time to know what's going on. Ergo, he knows what he's signing up for if he gets married.

Exhibit C would be any women the man works with. You want to know what REALLY turned me off to women? Do you know what really cooled my desire and ardor for them? It was having the opportunity to observe them up close & personal while they weren't trying to impress me or attract me; I saw them when they were NOT using their charms. It reminded me of those who study animals in the wild while being amongst them, a la 'Wild Kingdom'. Of course, I'm referring to the old 'Wild Kingdom' with Marlin Perkins-now I'm betraying my age! Anyway, I'd hear my female colleagues mistreat their men on the phone, stuff like that. I'd also hear the women regale each other with how they mistreated the men in their lives, playing a game of 'oneupswomanship'. I found it disgusting and revolting...

Exhibit D would be popular talk show hosts, and how they talk of putting their balls in their wives' purses. I used to listen to "Mike & Mike in the Morning" on ESPN radio; I no longer do, because I don't have the time anymore, because I'm getting ready for work; I have to shave, the cat needs to be fed, as does her owner, etc. Anyway, I used to enjoy listening to them, and Mike Greenberg said, "Every married man knows that you cut off your balls, and put them in your wife's purse." That's a direct quote! I've heard other male hosts say stuff like this.

Sorry, but I don't work that way; I don't think any real man does. Where do I stand on this? Tony Montana (Al Pacino's character in 'Scarface') said it best: "In this world, all I have is my balls and my word, and I don't break 'em for no one."

Exhibit E would be for those men who are either into classic cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. When I had my first car, a classic Chevy, I had guys come up to me ALL THE TIME telling me about the classic car they'd once owned, but had sold to make Wifey happy. I've experienced the same thing on my W650. That bike, though it's a Y2K model, is a DEAD RINGER for the old T-120 Bonnevilles of the late 1960s; from the braced chrome fenders, wire wheels, rubber fork gaiters, tank knee pads, and peashooter mufflers, folks mistake it for a classic Bonnie all the time, because it has all the same styling cues. This gets guys to come up to you, such as the one who did last summer, that pathetic married wretch who said his riding days were over.

I remember that day well. I was out & about on my W650, enjoying a beautiful summer day! I was exploring parts of South Jersey when I decided to check out Mystic Island, a place I had never been to. There I was, taking a breather while enjoying a view of southern Barnegat Bay. While I'm enjoying my view, this Honda Odyssey minivan pulled up; the man, his wife, a female relative/friend of hers, and some kids spill out of it. The wife, female companion, and kids walk on the little beach, while the man came up to me wanting to talk to me about my bike .He told me about the old bike he used to have, and he asked about mine. I was only too happy to talk to him about my bike, of course. He seemed to want my bike or one like it.

I proceeded to tell this guy that, while the W650 was no longer available, he could get a bike like it. I told him about the new Triumph, and how they've come back, and how they're building great bikes now. One of them is the new Bonneville, an 800cc (now all new Bonnies are 865cc) parallel twin that looked like my W650, but was more powerful, practical, and still available. I then said that it could be had for about $8k, new-a great deal on a new bike. He said-and I'll never, ever forget this-"Oh no, my riding days are over." What?! My riding days won't be over until I SAY they're over! I knew exactly what he was saying, though; he was saying that, having been thoroughly emasculated by Wifey, he could no longer ride, or do anything else that HE wanted and/or enjoyed.

I then proceeded to say (loudly so that Wifey could easily hear me) that I didn't have a wife, so I could & would enjoy my motorcycles whenever I damn well felt like it, or something like to that effect. Hubby shuffled away in that pathetic way that only married men can, our conversation over. Wifey, her companion, and the children proceeded to walk away from me down the beach, and they had this PISSED OFF air as they did-yes! That was exactly what I wanted; I wanted that bitch to know that here is one man who refuses to be a tool in the Matriarchy. I'm sure that Hubby got his ass chewed though; after all, Wifey doesn't want him getting any silly ideas-ideas such as he is a person; he has rights; his thoughts, desires, dreams, etc. matter; and that he, too, can and should do stuff that HE likes and enjoys, not just her. Between owning a classic car in my youth and having a classically styled bike now, I've had PLENTY of reminders of what married men give up. I and an increasing number of my brothers are saying, "Uh, no thanks..."

Exhibit F would be the divorced guys every man in America knows. Every man in this country knows a man who got SCREWED in divorce court-every man! I know a couple myself. There used to be one who lived across the street from me. I'll call him Darrell. Anyway, his wife didn't want to fix their marriage, so she bailed. Unfortunately, he had a kid, so he has child support to pay. Darrell lived in a room above a bar. He worked multiple jobs. His teeth were rotting, because he couldn't afford to get the dental work done. He drove a junker of a car-when he was finally able to get one, that is. Though he's not perfect (no human is, or ever has been, with the exception of Jesus Christ), Darrell seemed to be a good, decent, upbeat guy who had a nice word for everyone in town. Almost every man in a America knows Darrell, or someone like him, so he can see for himself that he can be screwed over through no fault of his own...

Exhibit G would consist of all the famous guys who are undergoing divorce. I'm talking about Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan, Matt LeBlanc, Michael Strahan, and Alec Baldwin to name just a few. Their divorces and fallout thereof have been made QUITE public! If Paul McCartney and Michael Jordan can get cleaned out, then NO MAN IS SAFE. Since I'm from NJ, I've heard PLENTY about Michael Strahan, star defensive end for the NY Giants. He was ordered hand over more than HALF of his $15 Million in assets-ouch! Strahan also has an obscene amount of child support to pay out every month; thanks to the Bradley Amendment, his payments CANNOT be reduced at any time, nor can they be reduced for any reason. This is in spite of the fact that his playing days will soon be over...

In closing, the evidence is out there. I don't care how much biology gets in the way; I don't care how much damage brainwashing does, either. If a man will simply OPEN HIS EYES, he can easily see what's happening. God gave us eyes, ears, and a brain for a reason; it's up to each man to use HIS, and avoid marriage in America-end of story. The evidence is there; if you still get married, then you deserve whatever happens to you-end of story.



  1. Rock and roll! Great article. I am also a Believer who hasn't succumbed to the myth that every Christian man has an obligation to marry. Christian, American women are just as toxic as non-believers...

    Didn't mean to make this a religious posting, but had to mention it...

  2. I married with a prenup and life has been sweet for 5 years this winter. I got lucky with a woman who doesn't want kids and practically lives at work.

    1. Talk to us now that its been 10 years. 5 years is still a honeymoon. Theres no point in listening to anyone who hasnt dealt with AT LEAST 10 years of marriage