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Signs Your Woman Is Cheating


As I was going through my old posts and backing them up, I accidentally clicked on a link which led me to this post, the one you're about to read.  It's a list of things women do if they're cheating.  This will also go into The MGTOW Survival Guide, as it's something men need to know.  Enjoy, Fellas...


If there is something a man cannot overcome in a relationship its humiliation. And indeed, why should he?

This is a message to announce that I am finally offering a public service to help men catch their cheating wife/girlfriend red handed.

I can no linger sit idly by and be indifferent to the cries of my clients and friends who are having their lives shredded by the humiliation of a cheating partner.

What was my tipping point? A client discovered that his 10 Yr old twins were not his. Imagine the anguish. The humiliation!

Not only is that humiliating; not only is the man a genetic dead end (fathering kids that are NOT his); he's legally on the HOOK for those children!  Even if the man went into court, showed the judge DNA tests proving the kids aren't his, he'd still be liable for child support.

And get this, in the past two months I’ve already helped 7 men catch their wives red handed!

Good on you, Mate!

Surveys show that most men can go through a divorce or even remain apparently happily married and never know their wife was sleeping with another man, and sometimes men.  The existence of any four of these signs means you have some cause for profound concern.

1. She has stories about cheating on a previous partner.
2. She cheated on someone else to be with you.
3. She brags about cheating.
4. She brags about being too smart to be caught.
5. She says you are boring.
6. She refuses to wear panties/underwear.
7. She has a boob job.
8. She has tattoos or body piercings underneath her clothes.
9. She uncharacteristically daydreams while playing with her hair for long periods of time.
10. She is obsessive about wearing form fitting clothes.
11. She flirts with other men.
12. She speaks with admiration about specific men at work.
13. She is repetitively disrespectful to you in private and public.
14. She leaves the room to take calls.
15. She hangs up on calls before answering the call.
16. She unfavorably compares you to other men.
17. She starts shaving body parts she never used to shave before.
18. She is shy about allowing you to see her nude.
19. She dresses sexually but shows no interest in sex with you.
20. She protests you going to the doctors alone with your children.
21. She is coming home late at night or not at all.
22. She packs toiletries when she goes out.
23. She is non-committal in telling you where she is going.
24. She is non-committal in telling you when she will be home.
25. She has great interest in knowing when you will be leaving town.
26. She goes to nightclubs and bars without you.
27. She dresses seductively everywhere she goes.
28. She smiles and laughs with other men but not with you.
29. She opens a new bank account.
30. She withdraws lots of cash and won’t say where it’s going.
31. She has no interest in talking about the future with you.
32. She asks to separate from you.
33. Other women that know her will not allow her near their husbands.
34. Drama with other men seems to follow her in every job.
35. She refuses to introduce you to her male or female friends.
36. You have a nagging feeling that something is terribly off.
37. She makes random speeches about how she would never cheat.
38. She does and says things to take away your power as a man.
39. She disrespects and belittles all men.
40. Your relationship is ALL about filling her needs.
41. Reminisces about previous sexual experiences.
42. Her self esteem is based on the approval of all men, not just one.
43. She has close emotional ties with other men.
44. Too much time at the gym.
45. She tells you not to ‘come’ inside her before a trip.
46. She is secretive and defensive.
47. She gets angry over the smallest of things.
48. Your gut tells you she is not loyal.
49. She is critical of women who are loyal to their man.
50. The passenger seat in the car is consistently changed.
51. Strange hairs on her clothing or in her car.
52. She always seems to have random scratches and bruises.
53. Sex toys show up that you have never known about.
54. Shuts the computer down when you walk in the room.
55. Lingerie shows up that you’ve never seen before.
56. She refuses to linger or cuddle after sex.
57. She does not allow you to get to know her.
58. She thinks nothing of humiliating you.
59. She is seduced by the forbidden and wrong in life.

None of these signs are proof by itself. That’s where I come in. I’ll give help you get the proof you need.

(For the full 411 of how women think and operate when cheating consider my latest book REAL MEN CAN READ WOMEN LIKE A BOOK @ Read the details on how to profile the ‘huntress’ cheater.)

My methods to help you know if you are being cheated on are extremely subtle, non-confrontational and indeed, the woman in your life need never know that you were suspicious or that I was involved. You won’t even need to leave your house.

In the end, if it is discovered that she is a cheat it will seem to her that she has been caught by coincidence, being none the wiser of what has been happening behind the scenes.

All the work we’ll do together is by phone/text/email and there are no costly or unnecessary private investigators required.

Within 30 days, you could know if your wife/girlfriend is loyal or if she is a cheat.

What is the cost of not knowing the truth?

For one of my clients the cost was raising some other man’s kids while believing they were his for 10 years!

If you are interested in this service for yourself or a friend, please send an email at

I am limited in how many men I can help so please reserve your spot asap.

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Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this matter!  This is good stuff to know.

Corey Donaldson
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Hope this helps you out, Gentlemen...